Celebrating Those Who Make Kurtz Homes Beautiful
Our journey began 35 years ago when Ron and Randy first moved to Naples. Although we’re most often recognized for our work, we believe the true masterpieces are the friendships we create with homeowners, members of our community and our long-standing employees. We want to take a few moments to hear from those who have been with us for years.
Q: In all the years you’ve worked with Kurtz, what is your fondest memory?

A: My best memories are always the people. The Kurtz family, fellow employees, coworkers in field and the homeowners.

Q: Looking back on your career with Kurtz, what makes you proud?

A: Personally, I’m proud of our Contemporary Showpiece condo remodel on Gulf Shore Boulevard. As a company, I’m proud of everything we do together as a team—especially how we’ve earned our reputation for honesty and integrity.
Q: What has changed since you joined Kurtz 20 years ago?

A: When I first started working with Kurtz Homes, it was just Norma and I. Building was different in those years. You weren’t always glued to a phone, Facebook or the web. Not everything required an instant response, people had to wait for a return call. Even invitations and thank you notes were hand-written—kind of says something, doesn’t it?

Q: How has Kurtz been like family?

A: I’ll never forget how special it was for Ron and Nancy Kurtz to travel all the way to Vermont for my wedding. We all enjoyed another memorable family moment when my son was the ring bearer at Carolyn and David’s wedding.
Q: What was your first role at Kurtz Homes?

A: It is hard to imagine that 14 years have passed since I began working for Kurtz Homes. It seems like yesterday I received a call from my sister saying her friend had a position open for an Assistant Controller. I never thought I would move from Colorado, but after interviewing with Ron and Randy, I said yes and moved to Florida two months later. Looking back, I see how God’s hand was not only guiding my life but I was also able to witness Ron and his family’s strong faith in letting God’s principles guide him and his family in this company. Truly a blessing!

Q: What is special about the Kurtz team?

A: Employees seem to come here and never leave! Through the good times and the not so good times, everyone pulls together for the good of the company. The true friendships that have been formed working together doing whatever is needed and the loyalty have made Kurtz Homes a strong family that I am blessed to be a part of.
Q: What makes Kurtz Homes different?

A: When I’m wearing a Kurtz Homes Naples shirt, I’m often approached by strangers asking how Randy is, or they tell him me Ron was a great friend. This Sunday at church I met Kurtz’ neighbor and he spoke very highly of Randy and Ron. He went on a missions trip to Haiti with, and said Ron both had a servants heart, and was quite a practical joker.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working for Kurtz?

A: It’s an honor to work for a company that doesn’t burn bridges, honors its commitments and stands behind its work long after it’s required. It’s also valuable to have all of Kurtz’ employees available as a resource if needed. Everyone is always willing to help, as everyone share an attitude of camaraderie.
Q: What do you enjoy most about working for Kurtz?

A: Kurtz Homes has been a blessing for me. It has given me the opportunity to grow as an employee in the accounting field, and the great role models here make me a better person. Finding Kurtz Homes and becoming an employee was a life-changing success.