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This Is What Owning A Kurtz Feels Like
A Conversation with a Kurtz Home Owner in Mediterra

Why did you build with Kurtz Homes Naples?

“We interviewed 3 builders who had excellent reputations. We chose Kurtz Homes because they were most knowledgeable—the quality of their work was the top. They were the most receptive to our ideas, and they were by far the easiest to work with.

We also had the benefit of knowing several owners of homes that they had previously built. The reviews were most impressive.”

What was Kurtz planning process like?

“The planning process was quite involved and very meticulous. Kurtz Homes was involved in every step along the way, including many meetings with the architect and interior designer. In addition to explaining clearly the process as we went forward, they took us to every meeting to pick out all the items that make up the house. Amazing attention to detail!

What was the Kurtz building process like?

“Their building superintendent was experienced, very knowledgeable, efficient and easy to be with. We had a weekly meeting with Randy Kurtz who kept us informed in great detail about what was happening and what was going to happen. We had no surprises along the way. We inspected the construction almost daily and we always felt welcome.”

How would you describe your overall experience with Kurtz?

It could not have gone any better. We have not heard anything but excellent reviews from those working with Kurtz Homes. Of course, knowing Randy and some of the staff, it’s easy to see why that’s the case. How often does the homeowner become genuinely good friends with the builder after going through the process. It rarely happens.... except with Kurtz Homes.”

In the years since your home build, describe your relationship to Kurtz?

“After the building process was completed, we were surprised at the continuing interest Kurtz Homes had in keeping us happy. They provide a few services to us on a continuing basis. And they have always been eager and quick to fix anything that was under their warranty.”

What sets your Kurtz home apart from others in the community?

“Kurtz Homes are distinguished from other homebuilders in the quality and thoughtfulness of the detail of the homes. Minute details! Nothing is overlooked. As a result, their homes are more highly esteemed than the homes of other builders in our community. Clearly, Kurtz Homes has the highest owner satisfaction of all homebuilders in our community... by far.”

Are there any stories or details you’d like to share about your relationship with Kurtz?

“Randy’s sense of humor is terrific and that is one of the reasons that the building process and the after-building process is so easy with him. Through the building process, golf and doing ministry together, Randy has become a very dear friend that I expect will last a lifetime.”

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