About You

your process

When you work with Kurtz Homes, you’re working with a team who is just as passionate about your home as you are. To get the most out of the experience, we’ve provided a few steps to help maximize your process:

Preparing Yourself: At Kurtz Homes Naples, we build homes as individual and unique as the clients themselves. Each of our homes acts as both a vehicle for the client’s self-expression, ease and comfort, as well as a stand-alone icon of art and function.

When preparing to work with Kurtz Homes Naples on your home, we suggest you do your best to articulate what it is that inspires you in a home (and life in general), so we may do our best to create a home that inspires you, both overtly and subtly, everyday for the rest of your days.

Assembling Your Team: It’s all about trust. At Kurtz Homes Naples, our list of successful homes and delighted clients have given us the insight needed to build an effective team for each project.

Together, we help assemble a team of the area’s top architects, interior designers and landscape architects – all of which are tailored to your preferences.

Every great team is only as good as its weakest link, and at Kurtz Homes Naples, there are no weak links.

What to Expect: Discipline and communication are the keys to a successful project, and at Kurtz Homes Naples, we use an abundance of both. When you work with us, you are not simply hiring a group of professionals to build your home, you’re acquiring a skilled team with the know-how, enthusiasm and discernment to make your vision a reality.